Our products

Production of small molds for 60/100 T presses up to molds for 3000 T presses

software and machinery in continuous evolution permit the creation of customized products according to the specific needs of Clients for the production of molds:

Traditional in steel or aluminium


With metal insert

With fabric

L 700mm x H 520mm x D 180mm

L 1003mm x H 470mm x D 160mm

L 1040mm x H 560mm x D 390mm

L 1100mm x H 500mm x D 120mm

L 1530mm x H 310mm x D 180mm

L 1470mm x H 240mm x D 30mm

L 220mm x H 80mm x D 90mm

L 590mm x H 270mm x D 60mm

L 1660mm x H 550mm x D 230mm

L 700mm x H 140mm x D 70mm

L 460mm x H 200mm x D 65mm

L 460mm x H 200mm x D 65mm

L 330mm x H 90mm x D 85mm

L 1040mm x H 60mm x D 35mm